White is naturally associated with purity, neutrality and hygiene.Although white is considered to be a soothing colour, it has a tremendous effect on the senses.


WHITE R –the whitest of the white

Bluing clothes is a traditional way of keeping clothes white. The bluing agents make the laundry appear white as they reduce the yelloe tinge by removing the yellow light. Absorbing the UV light, they emit blue that makes the clothes visibly blue and cover the yellow tinge. As a result, the clothes appear whiter and brighter.


Although, optical whiteners are used to make clothes white, but it is done in a different way.


What are optical brightners?

Optical Brightners, Optical Brightening Agents (OBAs), Flourescent Brightening Agents (FBAs) or Flourescent Whitening Agents (FWAs) are organic compounds or dyes that absorb light un the ultraviolet and violet region (usually 340-340nm), of the electromagnetic spectrum. They re*emit a “whitening’ effect. Coumarins, benzoxazolyl, benzimidazoyl, diaminostilbnes, naphthylimide disulfonates and naphthotrazolylstilbenes are a few of optical brightners.


Forms of OBAs

Optical brightners may be obtained as powders, pates, liquids, water-soluble forms or stable dispersions.


-Instan Finish (easily water soluble)



Ideal procedure for the stability of dispersion

-To dilute the sipersion with water at approximately 40°C just before it is required

-To control the build-up temperature of the liquor

-That any additional dispersing agent is compatible and have protective colloid effect

-To avoid any acxiliaries that a cloud point, especially for high temperature applications

-To use no electrolyte and adjust pH with acetic acid

-Preferably to maintain acidity of the bath between pH 4 and pH 6



Optical brighteners absorb the UV radiation and re-emit the blue light to reduce the yellow tinge of a substrate. This brings the whiter-than-white appearance. The use of an optical brightener gives the polyester fabric a brilliant, neutral white appearance.

Liquid optical brightner for polyester


White R Liquid (fluorescent brightening agent)


-White R Liquid id fluorescent brightening agent for polyester fibers that gives brilliant whitening effect with god fastness to sublimation,light and west processing

-It can be applied by high temperature echaust or pad-thermosol method

-Suitable for whitening effect on texturised polyester and polyester / cotton

-Available as non-ionic fluid dispersion greenish yellow in colour

-The dispersion is miscible with water and can be diluted to any desired concentration by adding water to it

-It is recommended to adjust the pH of the bath between 4.5-5.5 as whitening effect may be reduces in extremely acidic or alkaline conditions.